Become a Host Home Family

Valley Christian's International Student Program is another extension of our commitment to Christ-centernedness, Excellence and Servant Leadership as is evidenced by the program's Purpose Statement:

Valley Christian High School’s vision

for our international students is that they will

observe Christian values in the host home and school;

develop their intellectual gifts through academic excellence;

build relationships with our students, promoting global

 and cultural awareness and understanding; and

 be prepared to return to their passport 

countries as servant leaders.

Host Families are vital to the success of this part of our mission. These brave students travel across the world because they desire an excellent education and a bright future.  What they can get from their Host Families is so much more. They eventually take everything they learn back to their country of origin.  

Having an international student in our home has been a blessing to us and given us the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture while also providing us with the opportunity to share our faith with him.”  Steve M.

If you desire to share your home with one of these young people, please read the application process document listed on the left and contact our International Student Coordinator.