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Tuition Information - For current tuition rates, please contact the school office.
Tuition and Fee Payment Policy - Payment of registration fees, tuition and any other fees is necessary for the school to function properly. Among other things, such fees help to pay our teachers’ salaries and for the textbooks used in class. Prompt payment, in full, is an obligation, which parents have agreed to and which must be carried out (Nehemiah 10:32-30; Proverbs 3:27-28; 1 Timothy 5:18).
Payment Plans - Payments of tuition may be made in one of three ways:
  • Annual Payment - Full year’s tuition paid by July 1st directly to OCS/VCHS (3% discount applied).
  • Semi-Annual Payments – Half tuition paid July 1st and January 1st directly to OCS/VCHS (1% discount applied).
    The annual and semi-annual payment options can be made directly to the OCS/VCHS business office by check or money order.
  • Monthly Payments - To begin July (12 months), July (10 months) or August (11 months); (no discount). Monthly tuition is paid through FACTS Tuition Management Program. There is an annual FACTS enrollment fee (determined annually by FACTS) that will be automatically debited from the applicant’s account after the FACTS online form is submitted. The FACTS financial form must be completed and submitted online after acceptance into OCS/VCHS has been established. Visit

Payment due date options are the 5th or the 20th of each month. MasterCard, Visa and Discover are also accepted as forms of payment, but will incur a convenience fee for each transaction.

Payments not collectible on the agreed upon date will incur a FACTS missed payment fee plus any fees established by the individual’s banking institution. FACTS will automatically attempt a second debit from your account on the next possible due date (Example: you choose the 5th as your payment date; insufficient funds on the 5th will attempt to be collected on the 20th). Your child will be subject to dismissal from OCS/VCHS if delinquency of payment occurs over a two-month period.
Missed payment fees can be avoided by contacting the OCS/VCHS business office 5 days prior to the automatic debit date.
All registration fees are non-refundable unless the following circumstances would arise; (1) a child is denied admission or (2) a child is prevented from becoming a student at OCS/VCHS due to a waiting list or (3) the withdrawal is within financial aid grace periods (only available to families applying for financial aid). The registration process cannot be completed until the registration fee has been paid. Financial aid is awarded after a child has been accepted as a student.

 Tuition Reduction Plan

We understand the challenge of keeping tuition affordable for our current and future families.  To help, OCS/VCHS is offering the opportunity for our families to work together with the school to fund a portion of their Christian education by utilizing the innovative Tuition Reduction Plan as described below.

Scrip Program - The Great Lakes Scrip Program provides a way to help offset tuition costs.  Gift cards for places normally shopped are purchased at face value through OCS/VCHS.  A percentage of the order total goes towards a designated student’s tuition bill and a small amount offsets the cost of running the program. Click here for a list of participating retailers. Please contact Director of Fundraising Carey Holtz at 920-231-9704 x20 for more information.

Referral Discount – A current family, that recruits a new student, earns a $500 tuition credit for each new student enrolled; when that student indicates on the registration form that they heard about the school through a current family. This discount is applied upon enrollment of the said student into the OCS/VCHS program. This discount is transferrable. If the recruited student withdraws from school, the discount will be reduced accordingly. Employees of OCS/VCHS are not eligible for the referral discount.

Pastor Tuition Discount - A 50% tuition discount is available for the children of all qualified pastors that apply.

Distance Discount – A tuition discount is applied to families that must travel to the school according to the following guidelines:

  • Less than 20 miles from the school:           no discount
  • 20 -30 miles from the school:                       $150/family
  • 31 + miles from the school:                            $200/family

Financial Assistance:

We are very grateful that God has given our school the ability to distribute financial aid to families that need assistance in paying for tuition. Because it is difficult to assess the financial needs of any given family without some objective means to do so, our school utilizes the services of FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. FACTS has been serving faith-based and private schools for over 25 years, currently managing tuition assistance for over 5,000 schools. Their proven record of determining and distributing aid gives us confidence they can help us determine the proper distribution of financial aid to families.

As much as we would like to grant financial aid to each family that expresses need, we are limited to how much financial aid we can offer in any given year. These funds are dependent on donor giving above tuition.

OCS/VCHS will allocate financial aid according to the following guidelines:

  • Every family desiring financial aid of any kind must first submit an application through FACTS Management Company. This can be done online at – our school is listed as Oshkosh Christian School/WICS. A nonrefundable fee will be charged by FACTS. Proof of current financial status will need to be supplied as requested. No allotment of financial aid will be given until the proper documents have been processed by FACTS.
  • The total amount of financial aid that can be given through this process could be as much as 50% of the tuition charged by the school.
  • The funds available for financial aid will be distributed at two different times:
    • The larger portion of the funds will be distributed prior to the end of the previous school year. The deadline for filing for this allocation is May 1.
    • A smaller portion will be distributed before the beginning of the new school year. The deadline for filing for this allocation is August 1.
  • Families will be notified within 15 days after these deadlines as to how much financial aid they will receive for the coming year.
  • If a family feels that it has not received enough financial aid due to a recent change in personal financial conditions, they must make an appeal to the head administrator or an appointed staff representative. The family will be asked to provide proof of the change in their finances. The new information will be entered into the FACTS database and a new need assessment will be calculated. The family will be informed in a timely manner as to how their financial aid has been adjusted.
  • If a family has received their financial aid letter and they decide they have not received enough financial aid to keep their children in school, there will be a grace period of 15 days wherein they may withdraw their students and receive a refund of the registration fee less a $25 administrative fee. Applicable withdrawal fees will still apply after July 1.
  • Any variation from the guidelines mentioned here must be approved by the Head Administrator.
Please contact the OCS/VCHS Business Office for more information at 920-231-9704 x16.